Katherine has worked with thousands of students over ten-years of teaching artist experience, and six-years of college-level teaching. She has taught drama in daycares, preschools and universities, in prisons and private schools, in suburbs, cities, and rural communities, and across the US, Canada, and India. She has worked with people of all ages, has experience working with neuro- and physically-diverse students, and has training in trauma-informed/healing-centered pedagogy.

Current: Katherine is currently assisting English 162: Why Shakespeare? at the UW-Madison. Her educational materials are currently on tour with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, and she is supporting new and ongoing work with the Children’s Theatre of Madison and Whoopensocker!

Teaching Statement:

I love teaching. My classrooms rest on the assumption that people of all ages learn best when they feel safe, heard, and valued. I strive to actively dismantle the power imbalance between “student” and “teacher” and hope to function as a knowledgeable guide rather than dispenser of knowledge. Whether leading drama classes or undergraduate coursework, I strive to create spaces for the creative and collaborative construction of learning.

With this dedication to and belief in the power of education, I am also dedicated to challenging and dismantling the profound inequities in the American educational system. My own part of this work is threefold: first, to continually educate myself by targeting my own research and study at the problems of educational inequality. Second, to generate culturally sustaining, anti-racist, and liberatory pedagogy in all my classes. And third, to actively work towards the abolition of the damaging systems and assumptions that underlie our education systems, and building new and better systems to replace them–inside and outside of traditional learning spaces. The radical inclusivity and imagination possible in the arts can be a micro-model of community that leads to macro-change.

Katherine is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She always encouraged all of our ideas, allowing for us to feel comfortable to provide our thoughts and opinions and learn from each other. She also came in with a positive energy, causing all of us to be as excited as she was for the day ahead.

-Undergraduate course evaluation

The structure that drama provides is not power focused. It is student focused. That everything is done around to cater the students to walk away with the ability to adapt, learn, and create their own path. It’s about being prepared for the real world. The real world needs adaptable, critically thinking, and creative workers to help society flourish.

-Undergraduate course reflection

In observing her class, I saw a teacher who has easy control over the room and a great knack at connecting with her students. Katherine had a clarity of direction and loads of enthusiasm… very impressive work.

Interlochen Faculty Evaluation
The Whoopensocker Show! at Sandburg Elementary